PaRud Dance <3


Rudra hugging Paro and taking her inside caring for her so much got me like

Paro entering like she was some supermodel and Rudra and me had the same expression, she looked flawless. Rudra couldn’t take his eyes off her WOW!

PaRud dance sequence OMGOMGOMGOMG, THEY WERE DANCING TOGETHER hai main marjawan. He held her so close i was like


PaRud drunk OMG Im so excited, this is gonna be so cute im screaming

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Bhaag Rudra. BHAAAAAAAAAAGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg his face. They’re running towards each other!!!!!!!!! His arms were open!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shant… Main hoon na… Omg I can’t. Nope. Bye.

Holy crap balls yooooo. Look at him being a protective hubby!!!!!! Haaayyyeeeee.

Every love story has a dark side…

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PDAPublic Display of Affection ♥

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Haye Aisa Sama, Phir Hoga Kaha
Jee Lu Mai Isse Khulke, Sawan Bhee Jara Khulke

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